Frugal Confessions Thursday

I am so excited about my new project over at my other blog, Frugal Dollar. Starting next week, each Thursday I am going to share with you my too frugal and not-so-frugal mistakes and obsessions, as well as open up the floor for you to share yours as well!

Here's the scoop:
We all have them- times when we were too cheap, times when we made poor financial decisions, and times when we were too extravagant. I have made many non-frugal and ultra-frugal decisions in the past and I want to share my mistakes with you! (I know, there might not be enough hosting space on Blogger! ;)

We are only human. No matter how hard we try, we will never stop making mistakes. Thankfully, our Lord is so forgiving, and His blood has covered our sins and mistakes. Through Him, we can get over ourselves, ask for and accept His forgiveness, stop feeling guilty about the past and go on to share what He has taught us. Sometimes we just need to let our guards down so that others can see where we've been and what we've learned from our mistakes. I know that for me, the process is also cathartic- it helps me to let go of all those mistakes by sharing them.


I hope you will join us next week for Frugal Confessions Thursday at Frugal Dollar!

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