Great Uses for Dawn

Linsey, one of the frugal bloggers at Wisebread, posted this article she found about original uses for Dawn. I am always on the look out for frugal hacks like this:

Ice Pack – We are always in need of ice packs. Store-bought kinds can be expensive, and the fillers aren’t always guaranteed to be nontoxic. To make your own, simply fill a strong freezer bag halfway with Dawn Original dish soap (the blue kind, non-ultra). Double-bag for extra leak protection. These super-soft ice packs are great for all kinds of injuries. (We use snack-size freezer bags to make kid-sized boo-boo packs!)

I love this idea. We don't have any special "boo-boo packs"- we usually use ice, which sometimes leaks when it melts. Making a Dawn pack is now on my to-do list! :)

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