Homemade Mocha Frappuccino's

It all started at Starbucks- really, who'd ever think of drinking frozen blended coffee? It sounds rather strange, but it's so very good! Word definitely got around, and Frappuccino spin-offs are now offered all over town!

We don't drink coffee at our house (we have another use for the coffee maker), but we love Mocha Frappuccino's (and now even Sonic has a very good ice cream based version!). The only problem is, if we bought ourselves Starbucks or Sonic everyday, our grocery bill would nearly double. We thought there must be a cheaper way to have these every day!

So to make our Mocha Frappuccino at home, we buy this cappuccino mix from Folger's, and add ice, Hershey's syrup, and milk in the blender to make a homemade cappuccino. My husband likes to drink these after lunch- he's our Frappuccino expert. One canister of the Folger's cappuccino mix costs about $3.50 and lasts us for six months or more. It's really good and so much cheaper than a $4 drink at Starbucks!

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  1. Although I am not a coffee-drinker myself, I know this would be a money-saver for those who love this stuff. Great tip!

  2. Good idea! I make their iced tea at home and only spend 3.99 for a box of 20 tea bags, instead of spending 2.10 on one venti passion tea.


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