What Works for You? November '07 Edition

It's backwards day again over at Rocks in My Dryer....which means I get to ask a question again! Yay! My last question was about how to get a toddler to sit still in church, and you all were so helpful in giving me tips and tricks- thank you!

My question this week is now that we have a two month old, I am trying to get back into a schedule/routine, but she just won't sleep without me holding her. We've tried the bouncer/vibrating chair, and a playpen in the same room, but she will not sleep unless I am physically touching her. I love my sling but there are things that are difficult to do with her, like showering, drying my hair, sweeping, dishes, etc. Do you have any tips or tricks that help you get your baby to sleep without being in your arms?


  1. Have you tried using a lambskin? www.novanatural.com sells them, as do many many other places (try googling). I've not been able to afford it/needed it so badly with my first. But I have several friends who swear by them. Maybe try holding your baby in it until s/he falls asleep. Then try it just by laying them on it in their bassinette.

    Good luck!

  2. I haven't personally tried this, but I've heard that putting an analouge watch under the bottom sheet helps - The tick sound the second hand makes reminds the baby of a beating heart.

  3. Have you tried swaddling? Many babies like that "all snugged up" feeling well into the latter half of the first year.

  4. Does it work to lay down with baby while nursing & then slip away after s/he's asleep?

  5. Maybe try letting the baby sleep with a shirt that you have worn (so that it has your scent on it). Worked for us. Good luck!

  6. You may have to realize that this will require some crying.

    I think getting moms to become comfortable with their children crying is harder than actually training the baby to fall asleep on their own without aids.

    It doesn't take long, it is not cruel, and the benefits are for a lifetime.

    Before even attempting that training, be sure your little one is eating at regular intervals, that helps train their body's systems, too.

    you can email me if you want details. Best wishes!

    deb meyers

  7. Contrary to popular belief, crying doesn't hurt a child. I recommend just putting her down and letting her cry herself to sleep. She'll wear herself out and likely sleep very well.

    Personal experience has definitely borne this out for our family, and we're all happier for it (our kids have very good sleeping habits).

  8. I think it is just going to take consistency on your part. The baby is only 2 months old, so this is just a phase. I know that sometimes you just want the baby to sleep and would rather it be on you than dealing with a grouchy baby who isn't napping well.

    I would make sure that you put the baby to sleep in the same place all the time. I also found that it helps if the crib that you lay your baby in, has a blanket that is with them all the time...so it smells like mommy. It also helps if you aren't placing your baby down onto cold sheets.

    I remember reading somewhere that when you are placing your baby down, keep them as close to you as possible until they reach the crib. A baby can very often feel like they are falling and they have no one there who has direct contact to make them feel safe...and that can cause them to wake up.

    It may also help if you put the baby down while they are awake..so they can put themselves to sleep. At 2 months, it is a little young for crying it out, but there is nothing wrong with a little fussing yourself to sleep.

    I hope you find something that works!

  9. Babywise. I am not in complete agreement with everything in the book, but it helped me to get both girls going to sleep in their crib/bassinet and sleeping through the night by 6 weeks. They cried it out once or twice and now they both love their own bed. My oldest even asks to take a nap. Schedule and routine Works for Me!

  10. Lambskins are great I do agree but the best thing that worked for my four and my grandbaby was swaddling the baby... Just like the Bible says. It gives a baby a strong feeling of security. They are use to being tightly bound in the womb so swaddling feels a lot like that. Hugs!
    Step by step instructions http://pregnancy.about.com/od/newbornbabies/ss/swaddle_2.htm

    Video instructions - http://www.todaysparent.com/baby/healthsafety/article.jsp?content=20030807_121003_2224

    I hope this helps- God Bless!

  11. Maybe this is a little crass, and your baby is still pretty little, but I just put mine down and let them teach themselves to fall asleep. It takes a few tears, and few deep breaths on your part, but when they're older, you'll thank yourself. Every night got better and better. Now my kids just play themselves to sleep if they don't fall asleep right away. It has been a blessing!

  12. Thank you for all of your help and comments!

    We haven't tried a lambskin or watch, but I will definitely look into that!

    I haven't really swaddled her, just had a loose blanket around her when I lay her down. I will give that a try today!

    I try to hold her close to me as I lay her down, and sometimes I will nurse her to sleep laying on the bed but she usually wakes up within 2-5 minutes.

    She sleeps at night very well, like 7 hours without waking- mostly because I am right beside her.:) She only sleeps in the daytime for more than 10 minutes if I am sitting down holding her.

    I have to admit, I have the hardest time with hearing her cry, but sometimes I have to let her cry just to get a task accomplished. It just breaks my heart.

    We usually train them to sleep alone in their rooms at 6 months using the Ferber/cry it out method, so I know it works, she is just so little. :) I wonder if it is harder with girls?

  13. Do you have a swing? That was the only way I could get either of my two to sleep on their own that young. I also have a bouncy seat that has fish that move and such, which will keep my baby occupied long enough to get a 10 minute shower. Otherwise, I get stuff done while wearing him in the wrap, or when Daddy is home and holding him, or when he's asleep at night before I go to bed (he will go to sleep at night and stay asleep in our bed without me in it, but not during the day!)

  14. Just to "ditto" what some others have said...she is very little, but letting her cry it out is the best. I did't do it with our oldest, and he was almost 2 before I could put him in his bed and leave him. With our youngest, I started from day one putting her in her crib to sleep (with the exception of a few naps here and there) but she was "putting herself to sleep" with in a couple of weeks. Even when she woke up "in the middle of a nap" she would eventually lay there for a couple of minutes then fall back to sleep on her own.


  15. I admit I rebel against hearing a baby cry---especially one that young. My sister-in-law sent me Babywise which I read and totally disregarded, and I think my kids are more secure than hers.

    I also found that I often needed a nap as much as my baby did so I would find a really good, often science, video for my older two and lay down with her. I got really good with a sling too!

    My boys responded well to swaddling as babies. Tight. It's the only way they would fall asleep at naptime or nighttime.

  16. Yes, I let both my babies cry themselves to sleep, both at night and for naps. At 2 months, after 3 days or at most a week, they would have learnt to fall asleep on their own. But make sure baby is full (not hungry) and has a fresh diaper before she goes down to sleep.


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