Life without Rotel and Velveeta

Okay, I didn't write a works for me Wednesday because of today's theme, "what do you fix when you don't have a plan and you've only got three things in your pantry." I didn't write anything, because either we go out to eat (which happens far too often!) or I throw together baked potatoes with rotel, reduced fat velveeta and sour cream. My husband and I both really love Rotel dip, but I am afraid to even look at Velveeta's ingredient list.

That's why I laughed when I read what Shannon, the Works for Me Wednesday hostess, posted today:

I Am Trying To Imagine the Horror of Life Without Rotel

Several of you asked, in the comments section below, what Rotel is.

And I wept for you.

(For those of you who disdain the Velveeta, I don't EVEN want to hear it. Velveeta haters baffle me. That is some fine stuff.).

I feel a little bit better. I am not alone in my love for very quick and easy meals based on Rotel and Velveeta. I still can't bring myself to read the ingredients though. ;)

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