The Party's Over....

Tonight we threw a little dinner for a few of my husband's coworkers. We are just now sitting down after putting the kids to bed. Since we didn't throw big birthday parties for the kids this year, I think I forgot how much work goes into hosting get-togethers! :) I love doing it though!

Tonight we had Taco Soup, cornbread, chips and dips and desserts. Everyone brought something too- yummy desserts and mandarin orange salad. I had a recipe for Taco Soup that we tried out last week and it was good again in a larger quantity. I will have to post the recipe- I got it from a friend who made it for us, and it makes really good, flavorful soup. The dinner went over well I think, and what's even more rare- since the food was already made when everyone got here I felt like I got to enjoy our company more than usual! I am usually so busy fixing food that I don't get to visit much. It was so much nicer to enjoy the evening.

We had to buy a foldable table which was an unexpected cost, but I think it will be a good thing- we have our family come over on holidays for dinner and occasional birthday parties. I am glad we went ahead and bought it before Christmas dinner. It has a lifetime guarantee, so maybe we will still have it when the grandkids all come over in 25 years!

Now I am off to soak in a hot bath and get to bed. Clean up will wait 'til tomorrow! :)

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