Spice Up Your Chicken

I love chicken breast. A few years ago I saw and smelled a chicken truck on the way to Tyson and I almost stopped eating chicken altogether. Luckily I got over that problem by refusing to eat bone-in chicken. Now I am slowly dealing with my aversion to bone-in meats, but I still only buy chicken breast fillets.

Neurotic meat-eating history aside, I do love my chicken these days, especially when I season it with my all-time favorite chicken rub- Durkee's Grill Creations St. Louis Chicken and Rib Rub. It takes regular chicken and makes it into the best chicken you've ever tasted. You can let it marinade in it, but I usually just rub it on just before I cook.

It tastes great on the grill, in the oven, and even in the pressure cooker. I love this stuff! It doesn't have a distinct taste like Mexican or Cajun and it can go with pretty much any type of food you serve. Wal-Mart sells a small container for about $3 and it will last a few months at our house. If you serve chicken, especially alone, you should definitely try this seasoning!

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