Update and To-do List

We had a good weekend- it felt like it went by very quickly. With all the Christmas shopping and getting ready for parties and decorating we are actually pretty busy! :)

Saturday we got painting supplies and my husband got the boy's room ready to repaint. Sunday afternoon he and the boys painted while Isabella and I went shopping at the mall. We picked up a few Christmas gifts there and then we met my husband in town to join our small group at our favorite restaurant.

Sunday night we got to hear one of the neatest presentations on the Star of Bethelehem. It was presented by Rick Larson, a professor at Texas A&M. He presented evidence of the Star of Bethlehem that announced the coming of Jesus, as well as some really awesome proof of other Scriptures that are found in the sky. I can't wait to see the video they made. Here is his website: Bethlehemstar.net

Yesterday I took care of some important insurance problems. It seems like insurance is getting worse and worse every year about turning down every claim you have. I have spent several hours on the phone with them since Isabella's birth trying to get each problem resolved. I am so thankful to have insurance though- I would much rather spend hours on the phone than have no phone calls to make, just a big bill to pay. Dave Ramsey always says that the number one reason for bankruptcy is not credit cards- it's medical bills.

Last night we went to pick up a gift for this evening's event. I had picked something out last week but I changed my mind, so we had to make a quick trip to a couple of stores to find just the right gift. It's a surprise party, which should be fun!

Tomorrow I am taking the kids to get their annual Christmas portraits done, Friday night I have a bridal shower to attend and Saturday night we are hosting a casual Christmas party for my husband's co-workers.

To get all of this done I need to:
Get the boy's clothes together for tomorrow
Make a grocery list
Finish the boys room decorations
Go grocery shopping
Paint the front door (we've had the paint for 1 1/2 years but never did it!)
Make a dessert for bridal shower
Return two items to different stores
Mop the floor

Add in exercising, cleaning, and life's regular duties with three small children and I am in for one very busy week! ;)

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