Window Shopping in a Grocery Store

We went to Central Market this weekend. I love to go there and just look! I have never seen so many varieties of the same foods. They sell mostly organic foods and all-natural products. It was so much fun to browse the store. It is laid out more like a market place rather than a traditional grocery store with soft lighting, twisting paths and colorful arrangements of items, and they have a large portion of the store dedicated to fresh products like flowers, fruits and vegetables, and meats of every kind.

In the seafood section, we pointed out each variety to the boys. We got to octopus salad and the meat man jokingly asked if the boys would like to try it. Of course, he expected the boys to say no, but they said yes! The man asked if they really wanted some, and they did, so he handed me a sample. I gave them a good bite of octopus and Elijah ate it- and liked it! Noah took a bite but didn't finish it. I can just imagine us saying to Elijah at dinnertime now- "If you can eat octopus, you can eat your vegetables!"

We did pick up a couple of things there- a quart of Promised Land Chocolate milk (it's like drinking ice cream!) for my husband, and a quart of Mrs. Meyers natural aromatherapeutic cleaner in Lavender. It smells really great, and it's non-toxic.

I wish that we had a Central Market in our town- it's really a relaxing place to grocery shop, and their prices were actually very comparable to a traditional store. Maybe it's a good thing- the more pleasant the store, the more likely I would be to linger and buy! ;)

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