35th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade

I write this post with a sick feeling in my stomach. Abortion is something I don't want to think about- something that is so awful I don't even want to write about it. I look at my three precious little children and can't even comprehend how someone can justify killing their own children.

But if I turn my head away and plug my ears because it's so awful and every other Christian does the same, who will be left to defend these precious little lives? We can't stop fighting for those innocent souls. Not only are their lives being taken, the lives of their mothers are changed forever.

My husband sent me this article from Breakpoint:

Here's an excerpt:
This is dramatic testimony that abortion is not, as the abortion lobby claims, something women will “get over” in a week or two. It is evidence that we know inherently that we are made in the image of the God who gives life. When we do violence to that image—when we destroy life instead of nurturing it—it has a profound effect on our emotions, our psyche, and our souls.

Today, as we mourn the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and the tens of millions of abortions that have resulted from this dreadful decision, we must recognize that there are likely many women among us who are silently suffering abortion grief decades after their babies’ lives were snuffed out. As the De Veber Institute notes, these women need our compassion, and their trauma should be recognized and acknowledged by their care providers.
Do you know someone who is suffering from the effects of an abortion? Rachel’s Vineyard, Ramah International, and Healing Hearts Ministries International are ministries created for women and men dealing with post-abortion grief and trauma.

So what else can we do? Here are several other ways you can help in your community, church, and with friends and family.

One ministry that stood out to me was developing websites for pro-life Pregnancy Care Centers that can't afford them. Teens and young people who need help are searching the internet (not their parents or church) for answers and without a website to make their local presence known, a teen might not realize they have options besides abortion. I am going to do a google and phone book search for my area to see if I could help in this way.

We must do all we can to stop the atrocity of abortion. It's up to us- let's not turn away from the murder of innocent children.

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