The Christmas Wedding

We attended a beautiful wedding right before Christmas, my very first Christmas wedding! It was beautiful. We opened our Christmas present a little early so we could take pictures. During the reception they played Christmas music, and we had a great time visiting with friends and taking pictures.

I love how they laid out the desserts and food- they used boxes underneath layers of cotton batting and tulle to give the table vertical dimension. I wish I had thought of that for our wedding! I thought they did a great job- it was very nicely done.

We brought Isabella along- she was a very good girl and didn't talk at all during the ceremony.

I couldn't resist adding this picture. There's nothing that melts my heart faster than to see the man of my dreams holding our precious little girl. :)

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  1. I too love to see men holding delicate babies. Your baby is so precious and I love her outfit!


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