Easier Breadmaking Tip

I started doing this kitchen tip a little while ago and it has worked wonderfully for me!

When I make homemade bread in my bread machine, I also make several dry mixes of the same recipe in gallon ziploc bags to store in the refrigerator. It saves me so much time and mess and it makes it more likely that I will make fresh wholesome bread every day because I only have to pull out milk and oil for each batch instead of 5-6 ingredients and other dishes. I just pour in my liquids and add the mix and I am done! We love fresh bread at our house, and now we have it regularly!

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  1. What a good idea! Can you just put in the yeast in the bag as well, or should you wait to add that when you're ready to bake it?

  2. That is a FABULOUS idea! Thank you!

  3. Kacie- I do put the yeast in the bags, and it works fine for me. I try to let the mix get to room temperature before I use it, but I have used it cold and it worked just as well. :)

  4. That is such a great idea. We would use our bread machine so much more with this. We would however keep out the yeast. We both work and I love using my timer to come home to fresh-cooked bread. But I think that mixing all the other dry ingredients would save so much time in the morning. Thanks!

  5. great idea! I use multi-grains in our homemade bread and I store them in the freezer in the laundry room. Such a chore to go and get the grains and mix up a batch. It would be much easier to measure it all out at once and bag up and make later. Thanks for sharing such a greta idea!
    JB@ Titus2Journey

  6. Quite efficint! Sounds like a wonderful time saver. Thanks for the great tip.


  7. GREAT tip!
    I am gonna do that for sure!

  8. What a great idea! I can just imagine how much time that saves.


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