Monday is the Busiest Day!

It seems like every Monday this year has been extremely busy!

Yesterday I had to run to Target to get diapers with all three kiddos and then rush back home to meet my husband so I could go to the doctor. I have had a thyroid cyst since Noah was born but since Isabella was born it seems to have gotten larger. So I went to the doctor to get a sonogram of my thyroid. It looked like it was still just a cyst and not cancer, which is good news. I was quite worried about it for a while since my neck lymph nodes were all swollen (but later went down). The results aren't officially in yet, but we should hear something next week.

I've also been busy doing web design work for a friend. It's fun and pays well, but is somewhat tedious. Luckily I have a genius programmer husband to help me with the technical aspects of web stuff. He's the greatest! :)

Last week I was on a church roster to make dinner for a new mom. I tried out a new recipe and it was really good- I can't wait to make it at home! I made Creamy Burrito Casserole, with homemade rice and black beans.

Saturday we went shopping at the outlet mall and went to dinner with my parents at my one of my all-time favorite restaurants: (Johnny) Carino's. They were having the two-can-dine with dessert special. Three of us ate the best dish they serve: Skilletini, -spicy spaghetti and sauce, grilled meat and peppers and onions served in a sizzling skillet. Yum! I also calorie-splurged and ate a piece of their chocolate cake. And you know I love that chocolate cake. :)

Life seems to be getting busier and busier these days. It's fun, and flying by- I just hope I remember to take more pictures.... :)

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  1. Thanks for the burrito recipe, I am going to try it next week :)


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