Swango.com- 99 cent Clothing Swap Website

David over at My Two Dollars wrote about a new website called Swango.com, where you swap clothing for credits and a .99 transaction fee. If you are like me, and your local thrift stores are more expensive than new clearance clothes, you might want to check it out. You share the shipping cost with the seller at $2 for each adult item and $1 for each baby item you buy.

Swango wants you to post brand name clothing so you get brand name clothing in return. I have plenty of clothes I would like to "swap" for different ones rather than just giving them away at a garage sale or to Goodwill. I am going to upload some clothes and see how it works!

From Swango.com:
We all have clothing and shoes that we fell in love with when we first got them, but the interest has since fizzled. What if you could remix your entire wardrobe with stylish, brand name clothing for only a few dollars per item? Even better, what if it was as easy as dropping items into an online shopping cart and clicking the checkout button? With the rapid posting process, multiple-item checkout, and user-friendliness, Swango is the most innovative peer-to-peer clothing exchange on the web.

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  1. What a great site - thanks for sharing! Like Bookmooch, but for clothes!


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