Time to Revamp the Cleaning Routine

As Mrs. Pear and many others in the blogging world are revamping their cleaning schedules and routines, they have inspired me to do the same. Since Isabella's birth, cleaning has been more of a sporadic event than a routine. I clean and clean for a short time, get the house completely clean and then it stays clean for a few days then it goes back to messy and I feel behind again. It's not a pretty cycle.

Before Isabella was born I had a household notebook with my routine and cleaning list in page protectors and a dry-erase marker ready to go. It worked very well for me and my house was clean and company ready almost all the time. Now, with three little ones, more often than not my house looks more like a tornado just hit and I look at that book and think however did I do all that? Where did that girl go? Just thinking about the list makes me feel a bit tired...!

I think it's about time to redo the cleaning/maintenance schedule to include life with a baby. :)

I hope to get it posted very soon!

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