Lots of Tolerance and Little Truth in the Modern Church

As I read Kelly's post at Families Against Feminism this afternoon, I felt compelled to share it with you in case you'd never seen it.

This topic she writes about has been heavy on my heart for some time now. I have personally seen it so much lately that it has really been on my mind. It's the topic of "tolerance" in church. The idea that everything goes, each to his own, that being a Christian is simply being like the world but with lots more love and a general belief in Jesus and salvation. Nothing is wrong, you are good just as you are, and God wants you to be "you."

It's the idea that everything is tolerated but intolerance. Believing in and speaking of a specific moral standard is just no longer tolerated in the modern church. If you believe that divorce is wrong in any case but what the Bible says of adultery, you are legalistic. If you believe that women were created to be a helpmeet for a man and to be a keeper of the home, you are written off as a traditionalist.

Kelly addresses this issue so well in her two posts, you have to read them!

She says,

The most devastating and terrifying trend has crept into the body of Christ.

It is the war on truth, and the distortion of God's grace.

There is a new message sweeping the church...a message that says, "Come as you are, and stay as you are"...and it is idolatry.

And if you argue against it, you're called a legalist, or "self-righteous", or a Pharisee.

It is so subtle, and it is deadly.

It is a gospel being "harmlessly" disguised in wolves' clothing.

It is heresy.

She continues in her next post:

The message of the modern church is:

Don't offend, at any cost; make everyone comfortable, at any cost; draw the lost in, at any cost--even if we must disguise the truth.

One of the prevalent notions in many modern churches, like that of Joel Osteen's, (more on him later!) is that "we just want everyone to feel God's love". And that is true. But it's not ALL of the truth....

She goes on to say more about Joel Osteen:

Another time, Osteen, [in a Larry King interview] with his big, warm smile said, "I just don't use the word 'sinner'...I just don't want to alienate any that God has died to save."

In his desire to demonstrate the love of Christ, he, and others like him, are doing the most unloving thing possible: failing to tell the lost of their deep need for a Savior. Because until I know how completely worthless I am in myself, until I know how depraved I am, until I know that I am nothing apart from Christ, I can't fully surrender my life to Him. If I'm OK just the way I am, why do I need a Savior?

"For My people have committed two evils: they have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, and hewn themselves cisterns--broken cisterns that can hold no water." Jeremiah 2:13

Read more here and here.

Amen, Kelly! It's so refreshing to hear the truth!

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  1. I so agree. I read an interview with Joel Osteen in one of the big women's mags and you would not even know he was a Christian pastor!

    It is selfish to allow others to harm themselves (through sin) just so they'll like you and keep coming over.

    Interestings, Rick Warren's church is reevaluating their "seeker friendly" model:
    Saddleback Rethinking Model


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