The Pantry is Stocked

Whew- the grocery shopping is done for a couple of weeks!

Shopping is getting interesting as our family grows. The boys eat more at 4 and 2 than I ever thought possible! I can't even imagine their appetites as teenagers! :)

The canned goods overfloweth....

Last night our cart was so full- I probably looked silly trying to turn and push the thing! I almost took a picture of it, but the kids were in the car with my husband so I didn't want to waste any time.

If it takes a cart full of groceries to feed four of us (only two small children who eat), I wonder what will we do when we have five kids? Maybe by that point Elijah will be able to push a heavy buggy too!
The Pantry is full again!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I have four growing children and they eat as much as their father.

    They eat like they work an 8 hour a day manual labor job.

  2. Wow! Your pantry looks awesome! I like your blog!
    ~The Bargain Shopper Lady

  3. Lol, Hadias. We are totally on the same page!

    Thanks for stopping by, Lori!


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