Praise and Adore by Wavorly

I LOVE this song. It's the song I turn up and sing as loud as I can in the car (when I'm all alone of course- I can't sing at all~ ;) and it still gives me chill bumps!

(Youtube video)

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  1. That's a really good song =)!

    I understand your letdown with not selling your land like you were hoping to. We've been trying to get out of our house and in doing so we could pay off our consilidated debt. We tried FSBO and on the market - all together it was for sale over a year. We've had people come and say we definitely want it. But we're still here in this house that I "married in to". (my husband owned it before we were married) Like you said in some previous's got to be God's timing, not ours - but it sure would be nice to know what he's thinkin sometimes, ya!?

    Sorry to hear about your uncle! I hope you are doing okay =).



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