Tentative Routine in Place!

We generally stuck to this new routine today- I didn't get to everything but that's okay. I did get up earlier than I wanted to ;) and it was a good day. I made three loaves of bread- one regular loaf and two loaves of banana bread and cooked two different lunches. Bread making was even more fun than usual since I got a stand mixer for Valentine's Day- just in time as my breadmaker started chirping very loudly on Friday! I've made the three loaves of bread and a batch of Ghiradelli Ultimate Double Chocolate Cookies since Saturday. Very fun!

Get up at 7:20
Nurse Isabella
Bible time
Get dressed
Gym, errands back by 10
Boys Snack, Feed Isabella
Start bread
Start laundry
Children Play
Start Lunch/Dinner Preparation
Cleaning time- dishes, sweep, counters
Check Email
Eat lunch
Change load over
Clean up
Feed Isabella
Naptime- everyone ☺
School time – Elijah/Noah- Isabella highchair time
Blog/Write/ Web design
Start dinner
Do quick pick-up
Fold clothes
Hubby home
Eat dinner
Play/ work out/ computer/ games/ rest/ fold clothes/errands

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