72 Hours- A Parenting Lesson Learned

FYI- This is a real-life mom story, not for the faint of heart or the weak-stomached.... :)

Today was one of those days that you realize you are indeed a mother. And a novice one at that.

I thought it was safe to venture out today, since it had been over 36 hours since Noah had been sick. He felt fine yesterday, and I was ready to get out of the house and go run an errand. We met with my husband at a sandwich place to eat lunch since we were all in town.

As we were getting out of the car Noah started screaming like he had hurt something. We were trying to figure out just what was wrong with him, when suddenly I realized what was about to happen. And just as I thought of it, out it all came. I never knew such a little boy could produce such a mess.

Luckily my husband was right there unbuckling him, so he helped him a bit, and cleaned it all up. (Such a wonderful husband I have, really, I mean throw-up?!!) We waited a little, and he seemed just as fine as he had when we left the house. We stripped him down and used his brother's jacket for a shirt. We decided that we still needed to eat, so I went in to order the food, and hubby took the kids to sit outside on the patio.

Noah didn't eat, but he seemed to be feeling and looking okay and was acting normally. So I decided at the end of the meal that we would continue our errand and quickly go to Sam's as planned. (Yes, I am that naive...)

We went to Sam's, and shopped for the few groceries I needed to get. I asked Noah if he was okay a few times, and he still seemed fine. I had Isabella and Noah in the front of the basket with me.

I kept smelling this funky smell through Sam's. I did the mom thing, got near Noah's bottom area and sniffed, but couldn't smell anything so I figured it most be something else. Thinking back, I did this like three times. Silly, silly girl. Sam's is a big place and how likely is it the whole place smells!

When I got outside after checking out, I smelled it again, so I decided to raise his jacket-shirt in the back and look. Yes, it was him. And it was all over the back of his brother's jacket. And on the cart.

This is moment when you try to remember if you saw anyone looking at you funny. Did anyone notice? Did they think I knew he was covered in poo and kept on shopping? Surely if I didn't figure it out from one foot away they didn't either, right? Right?

I took him to the car and stood there trying to figure out what exactly I should do first- unload the groceries or take care of the mess. I decided mess first since I was going to need all the room I could get. I picked up Isabella, and --surprise-- she was soaked in a stinky mess of her own! What a bonus! I laid her down on a blanket in the back of the SUV and proceeded with Noah.

It was one of those messes where you just want to stick the kid in the shower fully clothed just so you don't have to touch anything. Seriously. I stripped the poor kid down in the parking lot with my full buggy of groceries sort of blocking the view. It was the worst parking lot change I have ever done. Ever. And I hope I never have to do it again.

After taking care of Isabella too, these elderly people came to their car beside ours. Please, Lord, I'm thinking, don't let them smell anything or look over here...! If they did notice, at least they didn't say anything.

I used the box I had planned for carrying my groceries to harbor the huge mess of diaper and clothes from two little ones and wiped down the cart with baby wipes.

When we got home, poor little Noah was sleeping in his car seat in only his diaper- the only clean thing he had left were his socks, so he had just a purple blanket covering him. So precious. So innocent. I felt bad for him. Next time his young mom will be more cautious about stomach bugs. And we'll wait at least 72 hours next time before we go to Sam's.


  1. I couldn't help but chuckle as I read your post... I think EVERY mother has had those experiences! So far mine have been relatively mild, but then again, my oldest is only 3. My mother-in-law tells the story about the time they went to disney world and were eating at a white table cloth type place... the youngest at the time was sitting in a highchair. All of a sudden they started smelling something and realized that it was EVERYWHERE! All over the highchair, baby, I think she said it was even on the floor. So... be assured... any normal mother would simply look at you with empathetic eyes! The others simply aren't living a realistic life! :) Hope little Noah fully recovers soon!

  2. Oh wow what a story. Mine haven't been that dramatic. Though yesterday my daughter managed to poop so much that it was all over her pants, her shirt how does that stuff move up anyway, and the carpet.
    I've never had that happen out somewhere. I hope you never have to go through that again!


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