Conviction without Qualification

I love this post from Mama Archer! I also found the quote for the day on her blog- such a great one from Doug Phillips of the Vision Forum! She's got some great points in her post about conviction- it's another must read!

I find it interesting how many in the world cannot or do not deal well with others who have strong convictions contrary to their own. This is especially true in the Christian community. Our culture has seeped in more than many realize. Are we to put a disclaimer saying, "this may not apply to every individual -- the Lord calls some to one thing and others to another," for people to be comfortable and to keep from being hit with the onslaught of accusations of judgmentalism??

Firstly, I think that if we always preface things we disagree with or are not comfortable with by saying, " the Lord calls some to one thing and others to another," this really can simply be a cop-out. Where is the conviction in that? There is indeed absolute truth! To say otherwise is to take up the cultural mandate.

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  1. thank you so much for linking to me! This post has touched many more than I ever imagined it would, praise be to God! I am honored that you would link to it also!


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