February Goals Update

February was a short month but I feel like the Lord helped me have more success in meeting my goals this month. We were very busy this month too!

-Create a new schedule and routine system by next week and stick to it, changing it if necessary (rather than abandoning it) by reevaluating it monthly.
I saw much improvement in this area this month. I keep it pretty flexible, but my daily cleaning and exercising and schooling has improved because I am keeping a routine and getting up earlier.

-Continue breastfeeding exclusively until Isabella reaches 6 months (we usually add cereal at 4-5 months but I want to extend the time before we start baby foods)
This goal was accomplished! Isabella turned 6 months without any solids. She’s as rotund as ever and hasn’t shown any signs that she needs solids, other than trying to reach for any food in her sight!

-Run a 5k in under 30 minutes (I've run only one before in 39 min).
I added running to my weekly exercise routine to get me ready to run again. I feel much more fit than the last time I ran, so I am hoping to bring it in under 30 minutes soon. My pelvis starts feeling weird and disjointed after about 10 minutes at full speed. I wonder if that’s a by-product of birthing three children in under 4 years? ☺

-Add in 1-2 hours per day to my schedule for web/design work
I didn’t have as many projects to work on this month, but I did have time to redesign the blog, now I just have to get it up here! ☺

-Start Elijah's homeschooling, with him reading by his 5th birthday in October
We did more informal schooling than formal this month. We practiced letters, sounds and spelling throughout the day rather than having a sit down lesson. We practice writing a few times a week too.

-Exercise 5-6 times per week including classes at the gym and home
We had several events happen during this short month- a death in the family, sickness (everyone got sick at different times!), last minute dates, dinners, and my dad coming to stay with us during his vacation. I ended up exercising only about 3-4 times per week. I try not to obsess over this one, and try to always give my family first priority. I am hoping the next month will look better as far as exercising goals.

-Eat more fresh and natural foods- whole grain, preservative-free, locally grown foods
As last month, most of my meals consist of fish or chicken with veggies and/or a starch. I love not being hungry all the time. I think the whole grains really help to keep me full, as well as the lean protein.

I looked into co-ops in my area. When the season comes, I think I am going to buy most of my veggies and fruits from the local produce stands. I also looked at grain mill attachments for my mixer. Maybe one day I will be able to get one and grind my own whole wheat! I also bought unbleached all-purpose flour instead of regular this month. Small changes, really, but I suppose they still count. :)

-Drink at least 3 liters of water per day
Like last month, I have to keep working on this one. I can tell my milk supply really drops if I don’t drink enough. I think I need a glass now, come to think of it…

-Potty train my 2 1/2 year old (he'll be three in May)
Great strides were made in this area! Noah went potty several times this month. We found that the longer he sits there the more likely he will go on the potty. He refuses to hold any toys or books while on it though, so it makes the time extra long for him.

-Increase household purging of clutter and excess, including selling furniture, shredding papers and giving away or selling toys.
We sold the big piece of furniture that had emotional value- which was great for our space and sanity, but sad nonetheless. I sold some extra clothes we had this month also. I also organized our loose papers into files and now have a great system in place for bills, and other important documents, receipts, etc.

-Slowly change my body clock to go to bed earlier and rise earlier (I am so not a morning person!)
Significant progress in this area! Very exciting, now I wake up much earlier even if I don’t want to! ☺ I feel like I have much more time to accomplish my goals, and I like going to bed earlier.

Maybe March will be even better!

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