First Time Garage Saling- What FUN!

After reading Bethany's post about reselling garage sale items, I decided to give it a try Saturday morning! I'd never been garage saling, as I just never wanted the things I saw at most garage sales.

I didn't have any specific items on my list, just an idea of getting name brand clothes to resell on Ebay. I went to the first "multi-family" garage sale in a very expensive neighborhood, only to find severely overpriced items from only two families. I was wondering if these women thought they should recoup all of their losses on their items? I was quite sure this is what I would find at others, but I drove around looking for sales around my neighborhood anyway. I'm glad I didn't give up, as I was much luckier at the others!

I went to about eight garage sales total, and scored at the last three. I got a brand new iced tea maker, a wooden rocking horse, a Little Tikes kitchen, and 5 pairs of Abercrombie and Fitch jeans (these jeans cost $90 each new) a pair of men's Gap jeans, a t-shirt and an American Eagle sweater. I got all of the clothes for $20! Probably more than most garage salers would pay for eight items. I saw them as an investment! Apparently, the young couple who sold them to me were exactly our size- all eight pairs of jeans fit us!

I think I went a little garage sale crazy- it was all stuff we had looked at buying full-price but didn't want to spend the money. We were planning to go shopping that afternoon for clothes, and the cheap prices of the garage sales that morning made me extra stingy with my money- a very good thing I think! I couldn't find anything at all at the outlet mall!

I can't wait until next Saturday! I just have to be careful not to spend money on good deals that we don't need.


  1. Congratulations on your first! :) Yes, aren't they fu?? Sometimes it's hit or miss , but there are always treasure-filled days too. :) You got some great deals today!

  2. Okay maybe I wouldn't be a good garage seller because even the jeans for $20.00 is a steal.


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