When it Rains it Pours!

Last week was such a busy week! As they say, when it rains it pours! :)

It was busy in a good way though- we had all kinds of activities last week. Tuesday hubby and I went on our Valentine’s date and ate some fabulous Asian food and then iced tea and awesome carrot cake, then went to Babies R Us and a home store for fun. We had a great time and even had a few deep conversations about our future and plans. It was a lot of fun to be just a couple, and we really enjoyed the time alone.

Wednesday night through Sunday morning my dad came and stayed with us. We had a great time with him here- the boys couldn’t get enough of him and he took them to the park for bike riding, giving me some time alone at the house with just Isabella. We had lots of great times, and went out all together for dinner, bowling, and walking/playing at the park by our house.

Thursday my husband picked up free last minute tickets to a Broadway musical, and we got to go on our second date in a week! ☺ It was a blast, and reminded us of the pre-children days when we would get all dressed up and go to big musicals. We were so grateful to my brave dad for watching all three little ones (and he even had to change stinky diapers!).

Saturday we were blessed with a free swing set! I haven’t taken any pictures yet but it is a great swing set and the kids love it. We got it through Craigslist. So very exciting!!

Yesterday evening we also got a bag full of boy’s 5T clothes through Craigslist! The Lord really blessed us- we were so amazed to get 52 pieces of clothing for only $10! They were Gap, Old Navy, Polo, Osh Kosh, Target and Walmart brands- jeans, shorts, tees, jackets, overalls, all in sizes that Elijah needs, and just in time as the weather is changing! Thank you Lord! We met the seller in my hometown, about an hour away, so we got to go visit my Mom and Granny there too, and ate dinner and made a cake with them. It was a good day!

It was a very busy week, and this week will be busy as we catch up on laundry, dishes and cleaning!

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