My Favorite Kitchen Tool. Ever.

I am quickly becoming the queen of kitchen appliances. I really love anything that helps me cook more quickly or efficiently.

I think I might have one of everything now! I love my kitchen aids. And I really, really love my Kitchen Aid mixer. I told my husband when we first married that I never wanted an appliance for any gift. I thought that receiving appliances would mean the romance had died. :)

It only took 5 1/2 years of marriage for me to ask for an appliance as a gift. For Valentine's Day, instead of jewelry or perfume, I got a stand mixer. I LOVE it. It's a huge help- I make bread, omelets, cakes, cookies, and even mashed potatoes in it. I use it almost every time I cook now.

I always had the cheapest hand mixer you could get, and every time you needed to add an ingredient you had to stop and put it down, add the ingredient and pick it up and turn it on again. (It took me about 30 minutes to make a pound cake! ;). Now I just pour everything in the mixer and turn it on and off as I need to. It's wonderful. I tell my husband like every other day that I love my mixer, thank you so much. :)

If you are looking to find a mixer, sometimes you can find used ones on Craigslist or eBay for a good price. We got a great deal on mine by buying it brand new on eBay. I've also heard of some people getting theirs at Goodwill or estate sales. You should definitely be able to get a much better deal than at Walmart or retail. Even Amazon has much better prices than a brick and mortar store. A good deal on a 4.5 quart like mine is $120-$140 (retail is $200), and for the 5 qt. a good deal is about $175-$200 (retail is $299). If you found one for less than that, you should be able to resell it on eBay for profit! Stand mixers are very popular items there.

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  1. LOL. It only took me two years of marriage to ask for an appliance. I love my KitchenAid Mixer. It definitely makes things do-able when you have kids around. From breads to cakes and cookies it's wonderful.

  2. I was married about 6 years before I got mine. And I wanted it all 6 years! I ended up inheriting my Grandmother's from the 1960's when she passed away and it still works great!

  3. I've preferred "kitchen toys" to jewelry for years now, myself. And boy, do I love my Kitchenaid stand mixer, too! It truly is the workhorse of the kitchen. Lately, I've really been into bread and homemade pizza--love that dough hook!
    Over time, I've gotten some of the attachments. It came with the cheese grater. I've got the meat grinder, pasta attachment and ice cream maker. Yep, I got a bunch of toys...and I know how to use 'em.
    Good luck with yours, and many happy dishes!

  4. I believe I got one of these as a wedding gift & we were so young & naive to return it! Clearly I didn't know what a gold mine I had! I love mine now!

  5. I love my KitchenAid mixer too! I would be lost without it. Next to our coffee pot, it is the most used appliance in our house. I think I literally use it for everything! It's just so much much easier when you only have one hand free with the other holding a baby at hip to just dump and switch. Great post!


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