Quote for the Day and Giving Birth

Leo over at Zen Habits just ran his second marathon last weekend and posted this quote:

“You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can’t know what’s coming.” - Frank Shorter

While I've never done a marathon, this quote really caught my attention- it reminds me of childbirth. I've given birth three times now, each birth slightly different- induced with an epidural, induced with a dose of Stadol, and natural onset with no pain meds. With each birth I think I remember the pain more and more.

Each were progressively easier, but for several months I couldn't forget the memory of the pain. I am finally forgetting my last birth a little, but at random moments, I remember the pain very well, and it scares me. I am hoping I can completely forget before I do it again. Like a marathon, it requires mental training, but I think there is a much greater reward at the end of giving birth.


  1. I had a c-section when I had my daughter. The day after was the most incredible pain I have ever experienced in my life, but when I see my little munchkin(5 mos.) smiling at me, I seem to magically forget all about it! I want to have another one in a couple years, I figure my memory will be even worse then, LOL.

  2. If you figure out a way to forget it completely, please be sure to share. My middle two children were born 10 months and 13 days apart, and I remember everybody asking me how I was going to handle having two so close in age and all I could think about was how I was going to handle giving birth to one when I still so vividly remembered what it was like having the last one.

    My last three births have all been med free, and they do get easier. One of those was a pitocin labor, and the other was born face up, so trust me, I know where you're coming from. My youngest just turned one and I can safely say that while I still remember the pain, the memory is dulled enough that I would to it again tomorrow in a heartbeat. Great post...thanks!

  3. You are so right that each birth is different. I had four births. My first one (back in 1982) involved 17 hour of back labor and forceps. Each one did get easier, but the funny thing is that my third and biggest baby was the easiest of all. He weighed over 9 pounds and it seemed he was in a big hurry to get out into the world. The nurse kept saying: "Don't push!" My reply: "Are you kidding, this kid is coming on his own!"
    Don't be scared. You'll never completely forget--it's been 18 years since my last birth and I remember it well (that one took his sweet loving time and he's STILL the most laid-back kid on the planet). Just remember that every minute is a minute closer to holding your precious little one!


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