My Second Baby is Three!

Last weekend, my little Noah turned three years old. I still can't believe it.

From this tiny babe:

To this happy, talking, full of energy, precious little three year old. The one with a cute voice who told me the other day, "I love you" without me saying it first.

Isabella had fun too :)

Elijah is turning into a little boy. He's losing that preschooler look. I knew it would happen, but really wasn't expecting it so soon. :)

Here's Noah as we sang Happy Birthday. This is also the face he makes when he's in trouble. :)
And blowing out all three candles on his Ninja Turtle cupcake:

It's so much fun being a mommy, but it's certainly mixed with a little sadness when you realize your baby boy will never be two again.

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  1. Hello. :) I came across your blog in a search for "biblical homemaking" ideas.

    You have a beautiful family! I too, am a young mother of three and I also frequent Tammy's Recipes! lol I noticed your daughter wearing a Texas hat...we are in Texas as well.

    Anyway I just wanted to say hello.



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