Deal Shopping is Still Fun!

After I went to Barnes and Noble Tuesday night, I had a very successful bargain shopping trip- despite less than helpful cashiers at my least favorite CVS. I was in the south part of town alone and didn't want to venture to my favorite CVS store in a less safe part of town, so I went to a more popular CVS. And never will I do that again.

They refused my internet coupons because they were in black and white! And exactly how frugal would it be to print every coupon in full color? I mean really! I found it difficult to keep smiling as he told me coupon after coupon wasn't good. I am usually one to cut my losses, but after spending over 30 minutes shopping there, I didn't feel like putting everything back. Quite a few items I ended up taking off and returning after standing in line again because of their "policy." Such are the risks we CVS shoppers take. ;)

When I got in the car, I was happy again when I realized I still got several good deals.

After that, I went to Walmart, and using MoneySavingMom's Walmart deal list, I ended up with almost everything for free! The ultimate compliment to any bargain shopper is when the cashier is impressed with your deals and asks how you did that. Of course, I had to tell her about MoneySavingMom!

All this for $23.36!

I only used one $3 off $15 coupon at CVS. I'm sure if I had tried to use more they would have rejected those too! ;) The majority of the savings here was from doing multiple transactions and rolling my ECB's, as well as internet coupons and some newspaper coupons.

Here's what I bought:

3 Packages Charmin 9 Roll
1 8pk Bounty
2 Pampers size 3 40 pack
2 Pampers wipes
2 Boxes of Kashi cereal
1 box Honey Bunches of Oats
1 box Live Active Cereal
2 Listerine Smart Rinses
2 Packages candy necklaces
2 boxes bandaids
1 tube CVS brand A & D diaper cream
4 Johnson's buddies soaps
1 Zantac 150
3 Limeades
2 med. Zucchini
2 jars Vlasic relish
1 4 pack Yoplait yogurt

Just buying these things at the sale price would be $89 plus tax. I saved more than $62, and on things we use! So very fun. And not even grumpy CVS cashiers can take that away! :)

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