Healthy Chocolate

I love chocolate.

When I crave a piece of chocolate, I go to my cabinet for one of two flavors:

Calcium or Multivitamin. :)

I love chocolate vitamins. They taste like tootsie rolls, and they fulfill my chocolate craving. I take one or two calcium- tootsie- roll chews, and one multi-vitamin every day and eat them slowly like a piece of candy. I can usually get them on sale at CVS, and you can print a coupon here. Writing this post made me remember I am out of chocolate vitamins. I think I may just have to substitute the real thing for them...

Chocolate cravings are inevitable- so why not make them really good for you! :) It works for me!


  1. Hmm I've never tried these but I crave chocolate often. I may have to pick some up on my CVS trip today. Thanks!


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