The House is For SALE :)

We put the house up for sale! I can't quite believe it really.

So far, it's been two weeks and we've had a few very interested callers but no lookers. We've only advertised it in one place. It's not on the MLS so I don't think many people know about it, just those who drive in our neighborhood. We put a road sign out but someone stole it. Urgh. We are not in a hurry at all since selling it's just a lifestyle change, not a necessity. Selling your house is so much nicer when you don't need it to sell!

One of my husband's coworkers joked that we are selling everything, and my husband would sell the shirt on his back if someone wanted it. We had a good laugh over that one, because we know it's really true! If you see it, it's for sale! :)

It's been a real challenge to get the house ready to show. Here's a list of what we've done over the past 6-7 weeks (the majority was done by my husband, the most wonderful man ever):

Put in new flowerbed/landscaping in front yard
Replaced carpet in Master bedroom with wood
Installed three new faucets in bathrooms
Installed flooring threshold
Scrubbed baseboards
Painted small hallway
Hung pictures
Put a number of boxes/things in attic
Repainted front and back porch and eaves, front door, bathroom cabinets (inside and out), trim, and touched up every room (this was so much work!)
Finished out custom cabinet
Repainted garage in white
Cleaned out closets and purged tons of clutter (and the closets are still somewhat full!)
Replaced window screens that were broken
Hired a window man to replace windows (from hail damage)
Replaced a toilet seal
Replaced broken doggie door
Fertilized yards
Raked leaves
Hired roofing company to replace roof (from hail)
Threw away junk toys in back yard
Sold so many things, and gave the rest to Goodwill.
Cleaned out old VHS/DVD collection
Took pictures
made brochures
Bought a sign
Collapsed from exhaustion
Then cleaned some more. :)

I hope to post a house tour soon!

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