A chill in the air!

It's finally feeling a little chilly here in Texas! I am amazed when I see pics of the snow on the ground around the country. I am excited to pull out the sweaters. :) The only downside is the need for socks to be clean and shoes to be tied since the little ones aren't going barefoot anymore. I am starting to plan for Christmas and am hoping to make a lot of gifts for the kids this year. We are going to do popcorn garland and construction paper garlands. All my perfectly matching ornaments and decorations will have to stay in the box this year. :)

We took our house off the market since it's probably the worst time in the past decade to sell a house. We plan to relist it after the holidays, and hopefully build a place with cash! Speaking of which, we are almost debt-free!!! We have one school loan left that we are repaying and we only have about $3000 more to go! Which means we are almost done! We have paid off $38,000 in about 18 months (including paying cash for a used car). Whew! It's been hard to write those checks, but soon enough we will be done. God IS GOOD! We can't wait to call Dave Ramsey and scream "We're debt free!!!!"

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