Thought for the day:

If abortion were mandated for everyone by law, would proponents still feel a fetus is simply extraneous tissue?


  1. Ask a woman in China...forced abortions for a 2nd pregnancy go on there...

    But I would think the pro-choice movement would say that it's not pro-choice for a woman to be forced to have an abortion, as much as they believe that it's not pro-choice to not let a woman get one. And I think they would ignore exactly what it was they are aborting.

    Btw, I'm 100% pro-life, just getting my thoughts out on your comment. :)

  2. I agree with you, I think you are right, they wouldn't think it was fair and thus it would not be pro-choice-
    but if it were forced upon them, even if they previously thought it was just a procedure- I wonder if it would affect their view of the what was growing inside of them.
    I had a friend who visited China on missions and told stories of the local government tracking the cycles of the women there to see if they were pregnant. Sadly, I can imagine universal birth control like this eventually happening in the US under the guise of global warming and "protecting the earth."


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