Baking and Preparation Day

We are busy today! In between cleaning and baking, we are wrapping presents! Tomorrow we get to see my husband's family and then on Christmas we have my family over to our house. I cook and bake for days in preparation. :) Today, we've made Neiman Marcus cake, Magic cookie bars, banana crumb mini loaves, fudge, and we still have to make apple pie, red velvet cake and taco soup tonight. I also have to finish my last fleece blanket for Isabella. I thought a no sew fringe blanket would be fast! Thankfully my hubby helped me last night and did a whole blanket in about 2 hours. He is a sweetie. Today we have to make mugs with orange spice tea mix for tomorrow's gifts. I hope you have a merry (and less busy!) Christmas! Thank you Lord, for bringing your Son into this world! Please help us not to forget You in the midst of all the excitement.

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