January Update

Life is busy these days! I am finally feeling more energetic and less sick since reaching the second trimester. I am trying to get the house organized and ready to sell hopefully by the end of the month.

I heard our little baby's heartbeat this week. It's so much fun. We've almost decided we think it's a girl based on symptoms alone, but we have to wait until March to find out for sure!

Although I enjoy being pregnant, I find the more children I have, the more difficult the tiredness, nausea, and hormones are to deal with. Not that the symptoms are much worse in themselves, just that all three children require more attention and individual responses, more time to get ready, more clothes to wash, all of which doesn't allow this mama time to rest much. :) Feeling the baby move has been very encouraging to me- a good and happy reason that I've been feeling the way I have for the past few weeks. It's exciting to see my belly growing a little every day.

In other news, we became DEBT FREE in December!!!! Praise the Lord. He is merciful and provided extra jobs for us even though the debt was our fault to begin with. When I find I am not as merciful as I should be (often!) I remember how good God has been to us. We never went hungry or with a bill unpaid, even though we made the bad decisions that we did. We only have our mortgage left, and we are working on selling this one and building with cash. How exciting would that be!! God is good!

I hope you are having a great January!


  1. Glad to hear your pregnancy is going well. We haven't hear the hb of our little one yet (next appointment is in 2 weeks), I can't wait! But I do feel the baby move so I know all is ok.

    I hope moving goes well. I would have no desire to do that while pregnant!

    Congrats on becoming debt free!

  2. How awesome to be debt free!! We, too, are working our way out of debt. We should be debt free except for our mortgage in a little under two years; SO EXCITING! Congratulations! And congrats on a new baby on the way. I had three kids in four years also, but mine are 19 months, 4, and 5 now. Looking forward to more in the future! Glad I found your site!


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