Quo Vadis Planner Review

From the desk of my wonderful husband:

I have been using the Visual Weekly Desk Planner from Quo Vadis Planners since January. This is an excellent planner, it has a very professional appearance and is also very functional. The black cover is made of genuine leather and has the appearance of fine craftsmanship. The extra thick pages give the planner a robust feeling and also keep the previous weeks events from showing through the page. The weekly desk planner has 1 week spread across 2 pages with an 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily layout in 30 minute increments. The planner also includes Saturday and Sunday so you can keep up with your weekends as well. Being concise is key because very little space is available for each 30 minute time slot. Each page has a designated location for making notes about phone calls and emails. I find this particularly convenient and use it for both keeping a record and for planning purposes. Thumb tear outs provide a quick way to navigate to the current week without having to flip pages repeatedly to find your spot.

The back of the planner has a phone directory insert complete with alphabetic thumb tabs for quickly turning to the desired page. The Visual planner is loaded with other features that include a holiday schedule for 2009 and 2010, weights a measures conversion tables, international telephone access codes, time zone map and North and South American maps. With the included Semi-Annual planner section you can keep up with major daily events and the one month per page section comes in really handy when you want to keep track of appointments and upcoming events.

The Visual Planner from Quo Vadis is an all around excellent product. The high quality construction and its aesthetic appeal are sure to represent you in a professional and organized manner. The thoughtfulness and completeness of its contents really goes to show the amount of work that was put into the making of such a high quality planner. I am convinced that you will be more than satisfied with this product and that your productivity level is sure to increase as a result of using this planner.

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