Life 2011 update!

Last year we moved into a fantastic house built in 1895. It is just a blog post in itself! God gave us a huge blessing of the most perfect house for our family, at a ridiculously good price and with amazingly perfect timing. It's an unbelievable story!

Here's a few pictures of our new (old) house:

I am in love with it of course! But it's been a gigantic remodeling job, since our Victorian home was built in the 1800's, and the home itself is over 3200 square feet! We've only just begun! I can't wait to feature each room with before and afters!

Having a family of 6 has been quite a project too! ;) I am amazed at how much these little people eat! I use an entire loaf of bread for one meal of sandwiches. Thirteen big biscuits for breakfast are gone in seconds! Crazy! I haven't mentally adjusted to this yet, and I still expect to have enough food for two meals. Even Avalie, my youngest (who used to be the most difficult) now is a joyful little girl that loves to eat!

The kids keep us super busy, just feeding, cleaning up after them, and staying on top of the arguments keeps us constantly spinning! I can say that enjoy it more now than I did for the last year. Aug. 2009- Aug. 2010 was by far the hardest year of my life, and I didn't have financial hardship or tragedy or anything harder than regular life. I'm still recovering! :P

I am pretty involved in our church these days, volunteering from home weekly and every Sunday morning, and being the volunteer communications leader, hosting and participating in Bible studies. It's good!

I teach fitness classes at the gym 6 hours a week for fun, and try to work out 8-10 hours total per week to stay in good shape.

As I type this, I can see we probably have too much on our plate, but it is a busy season, and once we slow down on the remodeling, I think life will slow down a little too. Am I really naive? I really hope it does! It was the house selling before, wasn't it? Will it always be something?

Now I'm trying to focus on enjoying the precious moments of regular life, and saying no to new projects or volunteer work. I'm enjoying little people smiles and giggles, and fingernail painting for the girls, and special surprises for the big boys. God has done a great work in my heart, giving me more wisdom to realize how fleeting this life truly is. Sometimes I realize it too much and it makes me cry! Oh, the life of a woman!

Right now, it's 11:51 p.m., my husband is painting a wall, I'm about to go study some fitness choreography and then get a little sleep! Who needs sleep anyway when life is so short! ;)

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