This. MAN.

I. love. this. MAN.
When it comes to describing him, amazing doesn't quite cut it. He's
just near perfection. :)
He's been such a help to me. Last year I felt many times like I was
drowning in the neediness of the little ones. He would step in every
time and take care of them so I could catch a break. By the end of the
day, I'm so done, and he's a sweetheart and he reads and puts the kids
to bed for me. On Sunday mornings, he irons all of our clothes!!! Is
there a man better than that? :) Getting four children ready and out
the door on time is awful without his help. He comes to my group
weightlifting class and even works out with me! And, he's so skilled
with his hands, he is single-handedly remodeling our entire house! He
could do anything you ask him, I really think so! He is so smart.
I can't believe God blessed me with a man that loves me so very much.
He is so supportive of me. His hard work, help and provision for us is
a major blessing, and I just can't stop bragging on him. ;)
I am sooooo thankful for you honey. Every day!

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