Am I Just Crazy? Maybe Laughter is the Cure!

Sometimes life is so crazy you have to just laugh. In the midst of our remodeling, everything is a mess. Mentally, I have a great deal of trouble doing regular cleaning in the middle of it all. Our dining room is filled with our living room furniture, then you can't walk through the main hallway, because it is filled with furniture too, and there is sawdust every. where. (two-word emphasis mine LOL!).

Because I am crazy, I decided to clean out my office closet and reorganize it, which has taken me over a week so far, and tonight after dinner, I just decided I really needed a clean fridge too. I pulled everything out on the counter and started my least favorite chore.

Earlier, Avalie wouldn't stop screaming, so I took off her diaper thinking she might have a rash and then forgot to put it back on her... ummm...yeah. (non-parents may want to stop reading here! ;)). She came up to me bawling and decided to pee right by my feet, I rushed her into the bathroom dripping and put her in the shower, got the other kids in there too, went back to put something in the fridge and then the kids all scream that Ava pooped in the shower! I stopped and sat on the floor, wondering is this really happening to me?! It was such a ridiculous night!

Now let me tell you, my youngest child has recently developed, or is it un-developed? :) a lack of fear for anything. She will brazenly stand on anything, climb ladders, jump off couches, etc. Well, some fear finally showed up tonight! She was screaming in sheer terror at the sight of her poop! She kept pointing at it and calling it something, like "buh! buh!" I couldn't stop laughing, I was on the bathroom floor laughing so hard! The craziness of my life, oh, it was sooooo funny!

If only you could see my house at this moment! My condiments are getting thrown out, and I'm not touching the rest of it for now. Just letting it be. :P

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