This Busy Mama's Favorite Sites!

Some of my favorite websites right now:

Jones Design Company- I love her style! She does lots of free tutorials and gives me tons of ideas! And she has four littles almost the same age as mine! She's one very talented lady!

EmersonMade- I love this stuff. I could never afford any of it, but she's got lovely taste and I can recreate her stuff on my own (well, to some degree! ;)

Amy's Humble Musings- this blog is super funny in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way. She's very smart, and I love getting parenting and life advice from a lady with 6 kids!

Rockstar Diaries- this girl has quirky style, great photographs, and a super-cool life! And she just had her first baby recently!

August Fields- another homeschool mom with five? kids and a fabulous house blog. I love her style too!

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