GW is definitely my favorite store.

That's what we've fondly nicknamed our Goodwill store around here- the good old "GW."

So, anyway, GW and I are likethis. They even know me by name there. I'm starting to feel like that everywhere I go! Must be 11 years in the same city... or the red hair.

Either way, I love a good bargain, don't you? I just wanted to share a few of my favorite thrifting finds this weekend!

Handy-dandy vintage weather station
(does it say 100 degrees? not sure it's accurate, but it's close!) $2

Boys 4.5 New Balance for $2.99
(love it when I can find good kid's shoes!)

Yellow vintage Ethan Allen lamp $5

One of my favorite children's books-
$1.99 and in new condition

 Huge hinged basket- $4

Top-10 favorite find = Pottery Barn Penelope full quilt, $12.99!

Funky indigo vintage scarf, $1

Do you have an all-time favorite bargain you won't forget?  :)