BH Web Round-up:: {exercise, DIY project, mom encouragement}

I hope you are having an awesome 4th! Sometimes I am so amazed that we have the freedom that we do. We are so blessed to get to live in this country and worship Jesus! Isn't it cool??

My best friend Abbie and I @
Body Pump 78 Launch! Love the headbands!
Here are a few of my favorite links this week!

Pics of our gym's Body Pump July launch over at FiveDaysFiveWays! (and an explanation of what Body Pump is! :)  

The Pleated Poppy does a house tour! I really love her use of patterns. While I'm normally a more neutral girl, I love her pops of color. It's a happy place!

Mason jar soap dispenser = Cute DIY present!

For tired mothers of many. Great article from a mom who actually made it out of the trenches. "I think attitude plays a huge part in what we remember, how we remember it, and which memories we call to mind."

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the link! It was fun, wasn't it?


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