Happy Birthday to my Little Avalie.

This picture says so much...

1. It perfectly captures Avalie. She's rarely fully happy. And she's quite expressive about it. We've got some work to do to get her ready for marriage! ;) Luckily, we have a couple of decades.
2. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was past 9 p.m. She looked how I was feeling! 
3. I ran out of powdered sugar after I'd already dumped in all the butter (which makes for interesting icing!). To compensate, I added Splenda and cream cheese. Um, no. Gave up and picked up some good old Pillsbury buttercream right before the grocery store closed. There's a delicious homemade bundt cake under there somewhere...
4. My baby is wearing a 3T dress.
5. My baby is not a baby anymore. She's 2 now.
Happy Birthday to my Ava girl!