it's cleaning day!

Thursday's have recently become cleaning day for us. We all work on the house for a couple of hours before lunch, and it's been pretty awesome to get it (mostly) all done at one time. 

 Here are my absolute favorite cleaning tools:
The Shark Steam Mop and the Shop-Vac.

I couldn't live without them! Without them I would actually have to sweep with a broom and clean with a regular mop! Imagine that! :) Life just wouldn't be the same. It would be a lot slower. :) I'm estimating here, but I think they literally cut the time I spend on my floors in half. The shop-vac has been a lifesaver- I just roll it around the house and vacuum both the hardwoods and the rugs! It even picks up stray legos. I might be the only person who has a shop-vac as part of their home decor!  (Thank you Abbie for the tip!)

Another life saver for vacuuming the crevices in the stairs- a must have for any family with kids:
I got this baby at GW last year for $25!! A Dyson! I couldn't believe it. 
It was a Target surplus item, brand spankin' new, still in the packaging! Another top-10 thrifted item!

Ahhhh- clean floors!!! Does that make anyone else as happy as it does me?

Yay, a clean bathroom sink!!

Then, on to the dishes:
I believe that means we are really good
friends if you've seen my dirty dishes. :)

Before finishing the dishes, I whipped up a quick batch of the best brownies- topped with chocolate chip cookies(!) for Bible study Sunday. It was the first time I used my convection oven for baking. 
It's awesome!  

Lunch time!

Then puzzles for the kids:

And this week's Laundry Devotion recording for me! 
Hope you're having an awesome Thursday!


  1. Your house looks like it came straight up out of the Pottery Barn Catalog! Beautiful.

  2. Aww, you're sweet! Thank you! I love, love PB, btw!

  3. Love your bathroom! Man, I'm not sure our GW is nearly as good as yours. I might need to frequent it a little more often to make sure. ;)

  4. Just curious...what types of chores do your boys do? I'm trying to think of things that are age-appropriate for Jonah to do that I haven't thought of yet! We're definitely in a place of needing to involve the kids more and make helping at home more of a discipline in their lives.

  5. Christy- thanks girl! I know being a frequent GW visitor is one of the most important things about finding good deals. It's so hit or miss, you never know what you will find!

    Hannah- my boys vacuum, unload the dishes, load the dirty ones, sweep the porch, rake leaves, mop using the steam mop, clean their own rooms, scrub the toilets, wipe down the bathroom counters and the girls help pick up toys, fold clothes, vacuum, and wipe tables off. They usually don't do them all at once, but throughout the week and special chore times. Lord willing it happens, I've already bought the materials, and am planning on making printable chore cards for the blog so everyone can print out at home for free. It's on the schedule for this weekend, so it should be up by next week! :)

  6. I'd love a chore chart! Thanks. Also, please tell more about the shop-vac tip. Do you use it only on hard floors, or carpet as well? I have a little mini vac (with a handle) I've been using on our tile, which I love instead of sweeping!


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