laundry devotion {on giving up on grace}

This week's Laundry Devotion is about giving up on grace. Did you know that we women tend to do this without even realizing it?
Let me know what you think- I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!  Oh, and don't forget to expect interruptions, and don't be afraid to push pause or rewind. It's always so much easier to handle distractions when you expect them!

About Laundry Devotions:
I tend to think of my laundry room as my prayer closet. I spend a lot of time in there where I get away from everything else while folding clothes (laundry for six keeps a girl busy ;). It's awesome because my hands are busy doing what I'm called to do and I get to spend time with God at the same time. I realized maybe that would work for others who are in a super busy stage of life like me. Maybe you are in the car, or at the kitchen sink, or prepping dinner. Either way, I hope this short audio format helps you give you a chance to focus on God even in an unlikely setting, like the laundry room! :)

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  1. loved hearing this devotional! It's so easy to think "I'm not good enough, how could He POSSIBLY love me, with all these imperfections??" because sadly we get so used to the "world" and how easily "they" give up on us. How blessed we are to know Him as our Savior! :0) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for listening! :) I know exactly what you mean!! We have so many expectations for ourselves and we totally think He does too! He knows our every weakness, and his strength is made perfect in it. It's so so so cool! We are blessed indeed!


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