laundry devotion {on approval seeking}

Today we're talking about seeking the approval of others and it's dangers for those who wish to follow Jesus.

This is a tough topic for me, and one God is continually teaching me. God has been so merciful to start to show me what this looks like in my heart, and how He can overcome it! And He's definitely not done teaching me just yet. I'm so glad He's willing to help us, aren't you?

I'm interested to hear your thoughts! Is this an issue for you too? Can you see obvious ways that you seek the approval of others? How about the not-so-obvious ones?

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About Laundry Devotions:
I tend to think of my laundry room as my prayer closet. I spend a lot of time in there where I get away from everything else while folding clothes (laundry for six keeps a girl busy ;). It's awesome because my hands are busy doing what I'm called to do and I get to spend time with God at the same time. I realized maybe that would work for others who are in a super busy stage of life like me. Maybe you are in the car, or at the kitchen sink, or prepping dinner. Either way, I hope this short audio format helps you give you a chance to focus on God even in an unlikely setting, like the laundry room! :)

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  1. I just found your blog and I love it! So disappointed though b/c I can't play the laundry devotions. Is there something I am missing or should download? Where is says "just press play" there is only a little x box. Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  2. So well said! The Holy Spirit has been convicting me of the very matters you discussed as of late, and listening to you put it into words really confirmed it for me. Thank you!

  3. I want to tell you thank you for your blog! You have been a breath of fresh air for me and been convicting me in a sweet manner. You have reminded me of what my purpose is and that I need to step back into what God wants of me. Plus I really want to say that I love the whole thing of seeing what you wear each wee, because is show me that you can still be beautiful, gracful, and modest, but still have style! Thank you so much again!


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