our very old house- before {part 1}

Our home built in 1895- before 
Until last year, we had only lived in brand new homes- we had two homes custom built, and we picked out everything- counters, floors, light fixtures, bricks. Low maintenance, shiny, new houses! Those were the easy days! ;) They were nice- except they both had high monthly mortgage payments.

Two years after we became debt free (except for the house- thank you Dave Ramsey!), we decided to sell our home and rent for a few years until we saved up for cash to build our dream home. It was our plan, but God had a different one. 

We thought we were going to use the cash we had saved for starting a new business venture. We were praying hard that God's direction would be obvious to us. We wanted to do what God had for us, and not to miss His will trying to do our own.

Our house went on the market in 2010 and three weeks later sold for about what we asked. We searched hard and heavy for a good rental and couldn't find a single good one. On a whim I decided to look at homes for sale in our city (not our intention in the least!), and found this one that just had gone on the market, a foreclosure at a ridiculously low price. 

A few before pics:
The dining room!!
This was my favorite room in the house when we bought it. 

The kitchen! My dream kitchen!
 The appliances had been removed.

One of the bedrooms-
 currently the sewing/guest room.
Our family closet/pantry!
 The Lord knew exactly what we needed!
Bathroom- yuck! It was in the worst shape of all. 

The office, before. See the after here.

The living room and cool marble fireplace!

The outside. I love it.
It was amazing and totally my dream house, far below what I would ever imagine the price could be. It was built in 1895, was over 3300 square feet, two stories, with a huge kitchen, wrap-around porch, pecan trees, a big yard, and it was beyond perfect for us. Too-good-to-be-true perfect.

Well, perfect...if you like gigantic remodeling projects. And we did. We were excited to renovate a house (ahh...so young, so inexperienced! ;). There was only one issue with it that we had to consider. And it was a definitely a big one. 
....to be continued with more pics next week! :)

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  1. Thank you! I wonder what the oldest house is there! That's interesting to think about! :)

  2. Thank you!! We've almost been married 9 years too!

  3. wow! amazing! love it!!!!! my husband and i (married almost 9 yrs + 3 kids) have remodeled 2 homes and i am totally over it! i love all you have done so far!!! keep pushing through!

  4. This house looks amazing!! I have always wanted a house like that. But you can't find those kind of houses out here in Vegas! =(

  5. Thank you!! I feel your bathroom pain! We've spent a lot of time with only one working bathroom since we're remodeling and it's not much fun! Our last home was about the same size, with 4 bedrooms. Do you guys have a lot of renovating to do too? It's a challenge with little kids isn't it! :)

  6. oh my gosh it is beautiful! it would be my dream home! ours is 1900 but 1500 sq feet with one bath and 6 people.Ugh.


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