Weekend Getaway {Instagram Style}

We were so fortunate to get a weekend away in Dallas with no kiddos! You just never take silence for granted after you have four kids! :) And air conditioning too- this year we haven't turned on the A/C in an effort to save money on our electric bill. Our monthly bills were $475 last summer, and sweating it out, we've saved $330 per month! No air conditioning in Texas is a bit extreme, even to us, but it's worth it so far! It really made our getaway even better!

Being DIY home renovators, of course our first stop was IKEA!
I so love that place. It's huge!

If only I could say we didn't buy much... somehow we always spend over $200 there It's worse than going to Sam's Club! We did get a nice kitchen shelf on clearance...it's taking up most of the van here!

Here's the lobby of our hotel! It was beautiful!

Arm-length shot a must... :) Do you guys only have these kinds of pictures too?

Me with my favorite restaurant dessert- Apple Crostada from Buca di Beppo! That place wins the award for most interesting decor- lots of old pictures and it's designed to look like a basement!

Starbucks... what a cutie I got to sit beside! I bet he'd make a great husband! ;)

He was kind enough to take a pic for me.

Then we went to dinner! Here we are at an amazing hibachi grill. I had sushi and then a ridiculous amount of food. I've FALLEN for sushi this year. Like bad. I've even learned how to make it at home, to save money! It's really bad.

It was a relaxing weekend away. We went shopping, watched a movie, ate great food, and enjoyed the air conditioning. Just lovely. So thankful for these sweet times!

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  1. Woohoo! YAY for Ikea...oh and Starbucks!

  2. stopping by from insta-friday at liferearranged! kudos to you for braving the texas heat sans AC! Can't say I could do the same (in SC)but I would love an extra few hundred dollars in my pocket each month! :)
    Happy 4th!

  3. I'm from instafriday too! I love your scarf, so cute!


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