BH Web Round-up:: {400th post! diy photo canvas, painting hack, free audio books}

I posted my 400th post last night! Pretty exciting!! :)

Here are some of my favorite links going around the web this week:

DIY photo canvas- love it! ht: brick by brick

Free audio version of the Chronicles of Narnia- we've been listening to this at lunch time! ht: moneysavingmom

A year of memories- you pull it out your memories and read them on New Year's Eve. I think we are going to do this! And I have just the jar!

Handy paint brush wiper- a rubber band over the paint can! How did I not think of this? :)

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

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  1. Oh I LOVE the New Years idea, I'm gonna start that ASAP! And I was just telling my hubbs about how my friend had these bible stories on tape that she would fall asleep too and how cool that was, so I love that they are giving the Chronicles of Narnia story out for free!! Thanks for sharing!


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