enjoying special treats {food on friday}

We're enjoying our last week of summer vacation before we start homeschooling next week! This morning I wanted to surprise the kids with a *very* special breakfast for their last day of summer.


Ice cream sundaes! They're definitely not the healthiest of foods, but I wanted to give them a special treat they will remember when they are old and gray. We're starting a new tradition- the last day of summer = ice cream for breakfast! :)

I don't want to let my desire for healthy foods rule my family's life- sometimes there are good reasons to serve less-than-healthy food, or situations where it's important to partake of the food that's offered- even if it doesn't fit in my "diet" plan.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays- these are memorable holidays we celebrate with our loved ones- and to deprive ourselves of enjoying the food that plays huge role in them could mean depriving ourselves of the happy memories as well. If the food doesn't matter to you, that's okay- don't eat it- but if it does mean truly enjoying the occasion, then eat today and adjust your diet tomorrow.

Life is more than food. Food is a gift to be enjoyed {even if it may contain high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients!} with the people you love. Sure, those foods are not something we should eat daily, but in moderation, and as a special treat- eat. Enjoy life. Thank God for the abundance of food we've been given, and the amazing blessing of people to enjoy it with.

Everything is His.

Just for fun, I had to video their reactions. I love Isabella's wohoo for the last day of summer!

coming next week: a very exciting BH giveaway!

and for {food on friday}, I'm going to show you how to make artisan bread with my first video log! So much fun!


  1. You're right- I kind of miss buying the lunchboxes and backpacks! I'm one of those people who always loved new school supplies. :) I hope your kiddos enjoy the ice cream like mine did!
    And thank you for your sweet words! it was actually the best homeschooling week I've ever had! I hope your year goes well! :)

  2. I love this idea! I think we'll have to do it too, sometimes it can feel like you miss out on some special things when you homeschool but this makes up for it! Thanks for sharing, and hope your school year is off to a great start!


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