monday's goals ~ update ~

I love choosing just a few things to get done- it helps me to focus, instead of doing little things here and there that never get finished (like I normally do)! I chose four goals for today, and here are the results:

The kitchen was actually clean for a few short minutes before lunch! 

We did a craft! (and reading to be done after naps are over :)
Elijah's like "mommy, are you posting this on facebook?"
 and then tried to hide. What?!? When did he grow up?? :)

I finished the piano bench...
remember the before?

and after...!
I was lucky it was so hot outside today (the high is 106!). I went outside between coats of paint and found the kids had turned on the water hose and sprayed it! This momma was not too happy. It had dried enough it didn't affect it at all, thankfully!

And the gallery wall is almost ready and waiting to be hung with my hubby's help! I have to pick up a couple more frames at the store tonight.
I'll show you it and the big bathroom reveal tomorrow, if the Lord allows! :) So exciting!

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  1. Girl! I admire you so much! You got lots done today. :)
    Check my blog out Tuesday (tomorrow) to see my project for the last 2 weeks. lol

  2. Love the new bench! Its been so hot here too! I can't wait for summer to be over!!

  3. Oh thank you! :) I can't wait to see it! I love projects!!

  4. LOL! I'd love to come redo your house! :) As for secret source of energy- I'd have to say it's the blog and facebook- both kind of my public accountability! ;) Possible failure is very motivating! heehee :)

  5. Wow!!! Someday I'm going to let you come over and redo my house!!! I actually like doing stuff myself, but with 3 active boys I find little time and energy- u have me out numbered!!! Please share your secret source of energy!!!


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